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  and emotion.


Since high school, I have found great joy in capturing the essence of movement through the lens of a camera. However, I pursued my 1st passion, dance, and flourished as a professional dancer at contemporary dance company for six years. Once I became a mother to two stunning little girls, Sophia and Everly, I was overwhelmed with the desire to freeze special moments, wanting to have something to hold onto as time propelled. With the help and support of my husband, Matt, I jumped right into the start of my business to help you capture those same memories I was longing to archive. 

I will be capturing your moments, not your poses. I will help set you up, but I encourage your kisses, hugs, laughs, and real moments. Don't be afraid to be yourself, not look at the camera, and show all emotion and aspects of your family in this season of your lives. I want to capture the little corky gestures your toddler has, the connection between spouses, and the way your family interacts with eachother. If you want these memories, then stay and chat. I would love to get to know you!!

Hi, I'm Ashley!

I'm here to capture your memories, moments and everything in between

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Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. what you have caught on film is captured forever.....it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything. 

-aaron siskind